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Beverly L. Anderson started writing at the age of eleven, and when she did it was obvious she wasn’t going to stick to the every day. Her first story, written in a series of spiral notebooks, was about a kidnapping. There’s no surprise that these days, she favors the dark corners of the psyche over the happy and fluffy parts. To better understand the mind of her characters, Beverly specialized in psychology and counseling in school, and holds a master’s degree in the latter.

Beverly’s other hobbies include gaming of all types, transgender and autism advocacy, and writing fanfiction. She herself has gone on the journey of self-discovery in the last few years, finally pinning down her identity after nearly thirty years of searching. Coming out as bigender and pansexual was one of the hardest things she’s ever done, but it gave her the confidence to become herself even more. An autistic parent of two autistic kids, and an eclectic pagan, Beverly finds herself at odds with a lot of what society calls “normal”. Her interest in the BDSM community began as simple curiosity, but has led her to the road to finding a place for herself there as a switch.

Other Books by Beverly:

Reflections of the Shadow Dancer
--An anthology of 150 poems.
Whispered Shadows
--Collection of 150 Poems


With Kenyon Y. Hunt:
Stolen Innocence (Doctor's Training Part 1)
Safe Haven (Doctor’s Training Part 2)
Blooming Camellia (Doctor’s Training Part 3)

Dark and the Sword
First volume in the Legacy of the Phoenix
Worlds of Avern Series

Escaping Fate, Embracing Destiny










Fanfiction Sites:
Archive of Our Own
Y!Gallery (Down Currently)



About the Author | Kenyon Y. Hunt


Despite being a writer and avid bookworm, Kenyon always has trouble writing about herself; she tends to be awkward and a bit on the shy side on most days. She’s more the lone wolf than queen bee and is often times caught or found, depending on who you ask with her head in a book, sketchbook, or notebook. Or surrounded by her furry overlords using her as a pin cushion to make bread.

Kenyon has been writing since she was in sixth grade and has filled many notebooks with ideas, poetry , novels, and short stories-but her love of books started well before then. As a child she took things like adventurous tales of Corduroy and The Rainbow Fish extremely seriously, as you do when you’re five.

When she’s not writing, reading, or playing attentive peasant servant to her King and Queen, she almost always has her film or DSLR camera in hand and crouching or bending to get those funky angles within the viewfinder.

Find Kenyon online:

Other Books by Kenyon:

With Beverly L. Anderson
The Corporal and his Contessa
A Chains of Fate Story

Coming Soon:

With Beverly L. Anderson:

Stolen Innocence (Doctor's Training Part 1)
Safe Haven (Doctor’s Training Part 2)
Blooming Camellia (Doctor’s Training Part 3)






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